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The National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) is the national representative of the precision custom manufacturing industry in the United States. Backed by nearly 1,300 members, the NTMA exists to tell the story of American manufacturing and serve as a valuable national resource for our members, helping them grow profitably.

The tooling and machining industry is critical to our country's economic health as it makes possible the existence of virtually every other manufacturing industry. Tooling is, in its simplest sense, the means of production. "Special" tooling, such as dies and molds, is custom designed and made to manufacture specific products, generally in quantity, and to desired levels of uniformity, accuracy, interchangeability and quality. Machining involves the use of a wide variety of machine tools to cut or form material, usually metal, to precise shapes and dimensions. NTMA member companies use a wide range of machine tools and related equipment, ranging from small automatic lathes for miniature parts, to enormous boring mills. 

While many NTMA members are privately owned, independent small businesses, the products and services they provide are absolutely vital to the nation’s economy. The manufacturing industry represents more than $30 billion in sales a year and supplies products to industries including aerospace, defense, electronics, nuclear power, transportation and so much more.