National Benefits

Legal Advice and Assistance

NTMA makes available to member legal counseling in all key areas of labor relations, including employee handbook review; issues concerning employee layoffs or termination; sexual harassment and age discrimination complaints; ADA compliance; union organizing and decertification issues; and numerous other labor relation issues. When appropriate, NTMA members will be referred to NTMA’s labor relations counsel, McMahon Berger, who will provide NTMA members up to one hour per month of legal advice, free of charge.

Data and Reports

NTMA conducts three benchmarking surveys annually – the Operating Costs Survey, the Executive Compensation Survey and the Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey - which result in valuable benchmarking reports that are provided free to participating NTMA member companies.

In order to protect your confidential data, Mackay Research Group, an outside research organization, collects all of the survey data and sends the reports directly to you.

NTMA Operating Costs Survey

The NTMA Operating Costs Report is a financial analysis of the custom tooling & machining industry. It can help you improve your financial results by establishing “typical” financial performance targets and by analyzing how “high-profit” companies in the industry achieve their success.

NTMA Executive Compensation Survey

The Executive Compensation Report examines issues relating to reasonable compensation by analyzing the range of pay, including base salary, bonus, benefits & perks, that executives earn in the precision custom tooling & machining industry. This information can be helpful if you are the target of IRS “reasonable” compensation challenges.

As a participant in either the Operating Costs Survey or the Executive Compensation Survey, you will receive an individual Financial Performance Report analyzing your company. This report compares your financial performance to industry standards and is free to survey participants. Non-participating NTMA members can purchase the reports $500 each.

NTMA Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey

The Wage and Fringe Report examines high, low, and average wage rates for 37 job functions giving you better feedback than ever before for the range of competitive plant wages in your NTMA chapter, your region, by sales size and by line of business. The survey also covers fringe benefits offered for plant employees which is useful data for recruiting and employee promotion purposes.

The Wage & Fringe Benefit Report is free to NTMA members that complete the annual survey. Non-participating members may purchase the report for $125 each.

Safety Recognition

The NTMA Annual Safety Award Survey is based on the OSHA Form 300A which Federal Law requires companies with more than 10 employees to complete and post visibly in their plant February 1 through April 30 of the year following the year covered by the form. The purpose of the Safety Survey is to present the top-performing companies with an NTMA Safety Award Certificate that can be proudly displayed in their company, as well as provide NTMA the composite data that will allow them to represent the member with OSHA and other regulatory agencies. A company’s eligibility to receive this award is determined by a calculation using the number of injuries versus the total number of man-hours worked in that calendar year. Those eligible to receive this award are among the best in the industry.

Connections to National Associate Members

The NTMA National Associate Members provide NTMA members with cost savings on goods and services that can make their businesses more productive. If you are interested in what the NTMA National Associate Members can offer you, contact James Mayer, NTMA Business Development Manager.

NTMA Health Insurance Program

Using the buying power of its members, the NTMA offers the NTMA Membership Healthcare Plans. The plans offer comprehensive healthcare coverage and ancillary programs to provide the best healthcare coverage at reasonable rates and renewals - only for NTMA members. The NTMA healthcare plans help American manufacturing stay strong by providing health and wellness opportunities for its members and their employees.

If you are interested in more information on the rates and plan options for your company, please fill out these forms.

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NTMA Metalworking Insurance Program

Does your coverage meet the needs of your unique operations and support the NTMA at the same time? Do you have aircraft products exposure? Is your customer’s property covered while not in your care? Then it’s time you considered NTMA’s Metalworking Insurance Program.

Available coverage includes workers compensation, property, equipment breakdown, general liability, commercial automobile, umbrella, employee practices liability and inland marine/crime.

A list of certified agents can be found HERE.

If you need additional information, contact Rob Gagnon, program administrator.